Overarching Themes

Planning is a shared responsibility. We can proactively plan for the unexpected and this moment is an opportunity. It’s complex and involves many, but there is value in gathering, building relationships and planning together.

Leadership in coordination. Coordination and partnerships were so important over this past year. How can we create clear roles and lanes for ongoing coordination? Can we identify leads from each county who can coordinate with each other?

County level responsibility for coordination. Each county has its own unique ways of doing things. How do we connect county plans to a cohesive statewide effort?

Ahupua‘a or community level responsibility for implementation. Communities need flexibility and control to set up systems and responses that draw on their own assets and meet their own needs. How do we build strong and meaningful relationships before crises to ensure we are ready to respond?

Breakout Sessions Topic - Lessons and Opportunities

(1) Infrastructure

(2) Connections to ag and farmers